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ACCD is very proud of its experienced and dedicated teachers and staff, led by Program Director Stacy Idema.
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Stacy - Program Director


Program Director

Credentials | Stacy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, both earned at Grand Valley State University. She came to ACCD in 2016 with 25 years of experience working with young children. Stacy transitioned from Lead Teacher to Program Director in 2018.


Bio | Stacy likes working with young children to see their excitement when they learn something new. When not at the Center she enjoys hiking, camping, working out and reading.

Katrina - ACCD Office Manager-Teacher


ACCD Office Manager/Teacher

Credentials | Katrina graduated from GVSU with a BS in Psychology. She’s been with ACCD since August 2013.


Bio | Katrina likes working with young children because “every day feels like a new adventure!” In her time away from work she enjoys traveling and off-roading.

Amber - Lead Teacher


Lead Teacher

Credentials | Amber has a Child Development Associate Certificate. She’s been with ACCD since January 2016. 


Bio | Amber loves being involved in what children learn at this age, bonding with them and seeing them grow and change. When not working she likes walking her dog, going to the park and exercising.

Dawn - Lead Teacher


Lead Teacher

Credentials | Dawn joined the ACCD Team in December 2016 and has since earned a Child Development Associate Certificate


Bio | Dawn loves seeing “when the light comes on” while caring for young children. When not at ACCD she likes spending time with family.



Credentials | Robin has been with ACCD since August 1988 (not a typo!)


Bio | She enjoys working with young children to see their smiles and watch/help them achieve milestones. When not at ACCD Robin enjoys camping and being with her grandkids.



Credentials | Michelle earned a BS in Social Work from GVSU. She began working at ACCD in May 2019.


Bio | Michelle enjoys seeing children grow and see their passion for learning. When not at work Michelle enjoys her own three daughters and doing outdoorsy things. She plays the guitar and likes to bring it to ACCD for music time with the children.



Credentials | Hannah became part of the ACCD staff in August 2020.


Bio | Hannah likes seeing how children use their imagination and enjoys helping them be creative in activities at the Center. She has a cat named Marshal and, when not working, likes journaling and watching TV.

Ms. A

Ms. A.

Credentials | Ms. A. has a BS in Psychology and has been with ACCD since July 2014.


Bio | Ms. A. loves teaching young minds and nurturing compassionately. She is excited about learning and enjoys seeing that in young children. Away from work she enjoys family time, hiking and cooking.



Credentials | McKenzie has been with ACCD since August 2020.


Bio | McKenzie loves seeing children’s imagination when at play. In her time away from work, she cares for her infant son and enjoys family and camping.

Karen S.

Karen S.

Credentials | Karen started with ACCD in October 2020. She previously volunteered in a church child care center.


Bio | Karen loves seeing how happy and excited young children are when they figure things out or, just in general, how happy and excited they are about anything! When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her own toddler.



Credentials | Sara is a student at GVSU majoring in English and English Literature. She began working at ACCD in October 2020.


Bio | When not working at ACCD or on school work Sara likes to do art work. Currently she is into digital art along with other drawing and painting projects. Sara enjoys working with little children because of their imaginations and inquisitiveness. She likes helping little ones learn how to calm themselves and gain control of their behaviors.



Kitchen Coordinator/Chef

Credentials | Toni started with ACCD in September 2018.


Bio | Toni enjoys creating fun, healthy snacks and lunches for the children. She admits to being “pretty sneaky” introducing them to a wide variety of vegetables. When not in the ACCD kitchen she enjoys hosting large family gatherings by or on the water.

Jennifer - AUMC Office Manager/Treasurer


AUMC Office Manager/Treasurer

Credentials | Jen has been with ACCD since February 2005, before that she served as secretary on the Board of Directors for a number of years.


Bio | Jen says she is proud to be part of a program that puts so much heart into serving the community by educating and caring for young children. When not at work Jen enjoys family, reading, music, spending time at the family lake house, local theatre, and travel.




Credentials | Kristy has been with ACCD since February 2013.


Bio | Kristy reports feeling inspired, grateful and happy to see happy children and their creations. It gives her hope for our future. When not working she loves to spend time with her grandchildren and grown children.


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