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ACCD is very proud of its experienced and dedicated teachers and staff, led by our Acting Program Director, Katrina.
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Megan - Acting Program Director/Lead Teacher


Program Director

Credentials | Megan has a B.S. degree from Grand Valley State University in Applied Health Sciences, with concentration in Speech-Language Pathology. She also holds Certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis. She worked for three years with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Megan has worked as a Foster Care Case Manager and Visitation Coach. Most recently she taught first grade at a charter school.


Bio | Megan enjoys working with young children to help them learn new skills and develop emotionally and socially. She likes helping children through tough times so that they can use their new skills to become their own person.


When not working Megan enjoys spending time with her family. She likes being out-of-doors, taking walks, etc. and reading.

Katrina - ACCD Office Manager-Teacher


ACCD Office Manager

Credentials | Katrina graduated from GVSU with a BS in psychology and went on to complete all course work for a Master of Social Work degree. She started with ACCD in 2013; she has been with the Center the longest of any employee.


Bio | Katrina has experience in all aspects of ACCD. She started as a cook’s apprentice, then became an Assistant Teacher. Katrina eventually moved to the office as part-time Administrative Assistant while continuing her role as Teacher. Most recently Katrina served as the ACCD Office Manager. Over the years she also filled in, as needed, doing custodial work. Every Program Director Katrina worked with considered her their “Right Hand Lady!” Katrina likes working with young children and at ACCD because “every day feels like a new adventure, there is never a dull moment!”

Dawn - Lead Teacher


Lead Teacher

Credentials | Dawn has been with ACCD since December 2016, having started as an Assistant Teacher then, after earning her Child Development Associate certification, became a teacher and later a Lead Teacher.


Bio | Dawn loves seeing “when the light comes on” while caring for young children. When not at ACCD she likes spending time with family.

Ms. Karen


Credentials | Karen started with ACCD in October 2020. She previously volunteered in a church child care center.


Bio | Karen loves seeing how happy and excited young children are when they figure things out or, just in general, how happy and excited they are about anything! When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her own preschooler and infant.

Ms. Ar'Naja


Credentials | Ar’Naja went to Wellspring Preparatory High School in Grand Rapids and will attend Empire Beauty School.


Bio | One of the things Ar’Naja enjoys about working with young children is watching and being part of their growth and seeing them learn new things. As may be guessed by Ar’Naja’s plans for the future, she likes doing hair! Especially for family (sister Destiny) and friends.



Credentials | Janel joined the ACCD staff in September 2022. She is currently working toward a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.


Bio | Seeing children develop and learn is one reason why Janel enjoys working with young children. Another is because she learns from them! When not working Janel likes to spend quality time with her two children, ages one and four. She also enjoys music and praise dance.



Lead Teacher

Credentials | Associate’s Degree: Child Development and Paraprofessional .


Bio | Elise always wanted to be a teacher, even as a young child. She likes to get to know children on their own level. She enjoys children for their positivity, creativity, and joy. When she’s not working Elise likes to read and play with her two cats and dog. She says she spends a lot of time at the park with her dog! She also enjoys camping.



Credentials | Beth attended Michigan State University then transferred to Grand Valley University to finish her degree in Business/Human Resources. She has several years’ experience through babysitting and learning the child care business from her mother!


Bio | According to Beth, she loves working with children because it is rewarding: “Being able to connect with kids is amazing!” In her spare time she likes to hang out with family and friends.



Credentials | McKenna graduated from Northview High School and now attends Ferris State University, majoring in Criminal Justice. She also has a keen interest in becoming an American Sign Language interpreter.


Bio | McKenna loves working with little kids because they make everyone have smiles on their faces, even if someone is having a hard day. She likes to make sure every day is fun. When she is not working, McKenna likes to take a child she babysits for (bus man’s holiday!) fishing. She also likes to lounge by the pool, spend time with her family, and run and play with her dogs.



Credentials | Linda is a former Special Education teacher.


Bio | Linda likes working with children because they are always doing something interesting! In her spare time, she likes to go tent camping with her cat, last year they were out 55 days (and nights). This year her new rescue dog will join the fun.


Hailey G.

Credentials | Hailey is a student at Northview High School.


Bio | Children’s unconditional love and brutal honesty (!) are reasons Hailey likes working with kids. She enjoys knitting and reading in her spare time.



Credentials | Maddy is a student at Northview High School. 

Bio | Maddy shares that she loves working with kids because they are so fun and energetic. “They never fail to put a smile on my face.” When she’s not working she enjoys art, baking, and spending time with friends and family.

Ms. Macy


Credentials | Macy is a student at Grand Rapids Community College majoring in Early Elementary Education. She graduated from Lowell High School.


Bio | Macy likes working with young children to observe how each grows in their own way and to be part of that growth process. She likes to have fun with the kids! When not working or studying Macy enjoys camping with her family. She also plays on the GRCC Women’s Softball team.


Credentials | Stephen worked at ACCD for just over a year starting in September 2022. He took some time off to concentrate on being a senior! Now he’s back – bringing his perpetual energy and enthusiasm.


Bio | Stephen is a Senior at Northview High School where he is in the National Honor Society and participates in Science Olympiad.

Tobyn McNaughton


Credentials | Tobyn graduated from Baker College with a degree in education. She subsequently earned an Early Childhood endorsement for her teaching certificate. She has many years teaching experience including Headstart and, most recently, Grand Rapids Early Discovery Center (associated with Aquinas College).


Bio | Tobyn loves how genuine children are. “Everything they do and say shows their curiosity and what they honestly think as they view their world and surroundings. When I work with children, I can find something to smile about every day.” Tobyn’s family is a busy one, with her husband, two young sons, and two dogs. They love baking together. If she has time to herself, she likes to watch TV and color.

Destiny Carter


Credentials | Destiny is a student at Grand Rapids Community College. She is working toward certification in Early Childhood Education.


Bio | The variety of children and experiences is one of the things Destiny likes about working with young children. Another is the fact that she can be herself around them and they are not on their phones all the time! When she’s not working or studying Destiny enjoys cooking and taste testing new foods. She also likes playing with her dog.

Gavin W


Credentials | Gavin graduated from Lakewood High School near Lake Odessa. He now attends the University of Michigan where he is studying Psychology.


Bio | Gavin likes working with little kids because they are fun! They are always moving, there is always something to do. He also finds it rewarding to help the kids (and parents at drop-off/pick-up).
When not working Gavin enjoys golfing, fishing, playing video games, going to the gym, and hanging with friends.



Credentials | Jazmine graduated from Northview High School. She has
worked professionally in the child care field since 2020.


Bio | When asked what she liked about working with young children she replied, “I love everything, especially when they reach milestones. I love teaching them new things like songs, words, and moves.”
When not working Jazmine likes to spend time with family. They all get together on Sundays. Jazmine has a young son at home.

Hailey B.

Hailey B.

Credentials | Hailey graduated from Northview High School and is now studying Music education at Grand Valley State University. Her minor is Psychology. She has taught local marching bands. Her main instrument is the flute.


Bio | Hailey likes to see and be part of young children discovering the world. She notes that young kids are imaginative and energetic. They are all about what is happening right in front of them, very different than the high school students she teaches who are so involved with social media.
In her spare time, Hailey enjoys playing her flute, reading, and photography. She also likes to run and spend time with family and friends.



Lead Teacher

Credentials | Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Jack is from Battle Creek and graduated from Kellogg Community College. He has strong ties to Michigan State University!


Bio | Jack enjoys working with young children because he likes being part of their growth developmentally. “It’s very rewarding to see them develop.” When not working he enjoys spending time with his fiancé. In the summer he likes to be outside. Running is one of his favorite activities.

Madelyn B.

Madelyn B.

Credentials | Maddie graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in 2022. She was on staff for the Interlochen Day Camp. Maddie is currently a student at Grand Rapids Community College majoring in Voice Performance.


Bio | When asked what she likes about working with young children she replied, “….there is never a dull moment with the little ones…they make each day unique.”
When not working Maddie likes to bake, sew, attend concerts, and go home to the family farm.



Chef and Kitchen Coordinator

Credentials | Kelly has certification from ServSafe and has more than ten years’ experience as a cook.


Bio | Kelly has always liked working with children and seeing their smiles every day. When not working she likes to spend time with her family and go up north camping.

Jennifer - AUMC Office Manager/Treasurer


AUMC Office Manager/Treasurer

Credentials | Jen has been with ACCD since February 2005, before that she served as secretary on the Board of Directors for a number of years.


Bio | Jen says she is proud to be part of a program that puts so much heart into serving the community by educating and caring for young children. When not at work Jen enjoys family, reading, music, spending time at the family lake house, local theatre, and travel.


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